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I love your work so much and honestly this is the advice I wish I could have heard when my husband and I first started doing wedding photography.

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Awesome post! Thank you, Jeffrey! God bless you and your family, my dear brother in Christ!

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I keep imagining myself in this post. I really wished this came out a few years ago when I was asked to take photos of liturgies by the Diocese office. I love the tips you gave and what always helped me is the prayer. If I don't pray before a session I don't get the best shots. And you are correct the butterflies do subside the more you do this.

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I was a Catholic newspaper editor for 20 years. Always had a camera with me. Those were pre-digital days. The cameras were noisy. You've captured well the intrusion of the photographer, the skulking around to pinch a piece of this or that, here or there.

The most difficult part was accosting to each person I shot to get permission. As the years went by, I hired photojournalists to do the work for me. It was an exhausting task. The visual disciplines, though, helped my journo writing immensely. I needed to incorporate the shots into the story, or the whole adventure seemed unprofessional.

I never thought about doing that again, with the writing I've been doing for the past six years. I'm getting pics mostly from Pixabay. Might need to get back to it!

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